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Stanton Racing Engines is a leading engine builder in the motorsports industry. Stanton Racing Engines prides itself with the ability to complete 95% of the machining procedures in house, which allows Stanton and the guys to keep the tight tolerances to their specific specifications. Each engine that comes from Stanton Racing Engines under goes a strict dyno procedure on one of three available dynamometers.

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SR-11x Billet Midget Engine $38,950
Brand new complete with fuel system, ignition system, injectgor stacks, air cleaner, and header!
Zeb Wise SR-11x Midget 9/29/18
Tyler Courtney SR-11x Midget 9/22/18
Zeb Wise SR-11x Midget 9/15/18
Zeb Wise SR-11x Midget 9/06/18
Zeb Wise SR-11x Midget 8/04/18
Jake Neuman SR-11x Midget 7/14/18
Justin Grant SR-11x Midget 7/14/18
Kevin Thomas JR SR-11x Midget 7/12/18
Tanner Thorson SR-11x Midget 6/08/18
Tanner Thorson SR-11x Midget 6/07/18