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Stanton Racing Engines is a leading engine builder in the motorsports industry. Stanton Racing Engines prides itself with the ability to complete 95% of the machining procedures in house, which allows Stanton and the guys to keep the tight tolerances to their specific specifications. Each engine that comes from Stanton Racing Engines under goes a strict dyno procedure on one of three available dynamometers.

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SR-11x Billet Midget Engine $41,500

Complete EFI Ignition System
Kinsler Fuel Pump
Kinsler Low Speed Bypass
Kinsler IRL High Speed Bypass
Kinsler Main Pill Holder
Injector Stacks
Air Cleaner
Schoenfeld Header

Dave Blaney 410 WoO Chevy 5/23/21
Tanner Thorson 410 Chevy 4/25/21
Tanner Thorson 410 Chevy 4/23/21
Austin Liggett SR-11x Midget 4/17/21
Tanner Thorson SR-11x Midget 4/11/21
Mitchel Moles SR-11x Midget 4/10/21
Frankie Guerrini SR-11 Midget 10/25/20
Jake Neuman SR-11x Midget 8/22/20
Bobby Santos III SR-11x Midget 8/22/20
Tyler Courtney SR-11x Midget 8/05/20